ADA Compliant Lifts

What We Do

We understand the enormous financial and legal liability that elevator ownership demands and will compose a maintenance plan tailored to your specific needs. Our use of non-proprietary equipment ensures that your elevator or lift will remain ADA compliant.

LU/LA Elevators

Gable Elevator is your source for commercial LULA [limited use/ limited application] elevators, on-time/on-budget installation and reliable, cost-effective service. Affordable and reliable, the state-of-the-art hydraulic drive system and PLC controller provide safe, quiet operation.

These elevators act like a passenger elevator and are ideal cost-effective alternative when an elevator is necessary but stairs are still the primary means of travel. LULA elevators are perfect for existing building, churches, or schools.

Platform Lifts

Gable Elevator is your source for quality platform lifts for any indoor or outdoor application, whether public, commercial or residential. From the simplest standard installation to complex custom projects, you can rely on Gable’s reputation for on-time/on-budget installation, and reliable performance and service. 

Gable Elevator’s platform lifts improve accessibility in public, commercial or residential facilities. Space-saving and more affordable than an elevator, they’re appropriate for indoor or outdoor applications, and feature folding, non-skid surfaces. You can rely on Gable Elevators for on-time/on-budget installation, and reliable performance and service.

Non-proprietary components are unequalled for efficient, reliable operation and low-cost maintenance over the long term.

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