Industrial Elevators

What We Do

Gable is your source for standard or special-purpose industrial elevator systems in Northeast Ohio, Columbus, and beyond. Our use of non-proprietary products means we don’t tie you to long-term, single-source service agreements. We wake satisfaction in our obligation to you as a client.

Freight Elevators

We use nonproprietary parts to bring you Hydraulic or Traction elevators in multiple sizes and weights. 

Material Lifts

Available in any size and capacity, these material lifts are a safe and economical method of transporting material or equipment between floors.


These small freight elevators are perfect for restaurants, universities, hospitals, hotels, clinics, libraries, office buildings, warehouses, retail stores, clean room manufacturing, laboratories, airports and banks.

Winding drum dumbwaiters are a good solution for either floor-level or counter height loading installations. Ideally suited for low-rise applications, and to add-on to existing structures, they allow for low-cost installation and minimal maintenance.

Traction dumbwaiters save time and money and eliminate delays. High-performance, low-cost, energy-efficient operation is ideal for higher-rise, higher-speed applications. Flexible design provides for heavy and light capacity, floor or counter-height loading. State of the art microprocessor controls allow custom operation.

You can rely on Gable for on-time/on-budget installation and reliable, cost-effective service. Contact us to get started.