Gable Elevator Completes Renovation Project at Ohio City Apartment Complex

Gable Elevator Completes Renovation Project at Ohio City Apartment Complex

Project Profile: Riverview Tower

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority’s (CMHA) Riverview Tower is a 15-story apartment complex for low-income seniors located on West 25th Street in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood. The building’s 498-unit size and senior demographics mean that its elevators have seen quite a bit of use throughout the tower’s 53-year existence. As such, Twinsburg-based Gable Elevator Inc. recently was contracted to undertake a complete modernization of the CMHA tower’s six elevators and one material lift.

“The existing traction machines were original to the building installation, with a modernization done in the early 1970s,” notes Gable Elevator’s Vice President Phil Isaac. Gable completely stripped four passenger elevators — “the only things we left on those were the rails” — and installed all new equipment on the four traction cars. A fifth, hydraulic passenger elevator, mostly used by building staff, was completely rehabilitated with Gable “tearing out the jack, putting in a new jack, new controls, a new pumping unit and a brand-new cab,” according to Isaac.

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